Making Me Brave

Making Me Brave

Having an encounter with Jesus makes us brave.

I’m still reflecting on the book of John this month and all its goodness. The theme of bravery is everywhere! Just look at the woman at the well (John 4), the man paralyzed with his mat (John 5), and the man born with blindness (John 9) – after their experiences with Jesus, they all walk away changed, and they tell the world with no shame that they have been healed.

AND, they are not ashamed of Who healed them. They even knew that being associated with Him might bring persecution by the Pharisees, but they don’t seem to care. They are changed. They have a boldness that comes with being made new in Christ. They don’t know what the future holds but they know who they are NOT.

“I am no longer the woman in hiding, scorned for having numerous husbands that have left me.” (John 4)

“I am no longer the diseased man who sits begging for someone to help me be bathed.” (John 5)

“I am no longer the man who everyone assumes carries generational sin because of my blindness.” (John 9)

I am no longer the woman I used to be. I don’t know where in the world I am going with Jesus in the future, but I know for certain where and who I am not.

My wounds have become scars.


When I go back to the moment He healed me, I feel brave. Because I know who I was, and I know what He has done! I know that I am weak, but in Him I am strong.

Do you remember the joy of your salvation? When you first met Christ? You felt BRAVE didn’t you? Like you could do anything because Jesus was with you, for you, in you, made you, loves you, cherishes you, saved you; and nothing outside of that could hinder your new peace and your JOY.

But we lose that luster sometimes, don’t we? That zeal?

I know I do.

For heaven’s sake, just read my previous posts. I am sometimes an Israelite through and through.

Sometimes I forget I can be brave. Did you know scars can have painful nerves? Sometimes I think the enemy does just that. Tinges of pain in places that are healed. Exposes my past. Knows my vulnerabilities. And when I forget the meaning of the salvation of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit within me, I can get really distracted, discouraged, defeated and down.

When did I stop feeling brave? When I started to forget the Source of my identity in Christ, my purpose to serve Him, and my joy in spite of circumstances.

God in His goodness uses these times in my life to take me back to the trenches and regroup, rest, rejoice and remember the reason for the battle. FIGHT.

“Look at My scars. And by them, you are healed! Be brave, dear one, for I am with you.

I have summoned you by name, you are mine.”

 Isaiah 43:1, Isaiah 53:5

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2 thoughts on “Making Me Brave

  1. Thanks for this!!! I love that it’s so true, God calls us to be brave IN HIM! So many times throughout the bible God commands us to not be afraid and to be of good courage. The reason He commands that is because He knows that fear/doubt is/are the number one hinderence in our lives.

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